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Yoga Classes

April is Free Yoga Month! Please CLICK HERE to view our live schedule as well as register for your class. You must register ahead of time for all yoga classes.


Class Descriptions

Power Flow
Strengthen and stretch, build long lean muscle, enhance flexibility and strengthen your core through this vigorous alignment Mixed Level Class.

Warm Core Vinyasa
A flowing style of yoga that incorporates breath work (pranayama), movement and alignment of postures (asana) core awareness and strengthening. The room will be slightly warmer to promote flexibility and detoxification. Avoid eating 4 hours prior to class- a snack two hours earlier if needed. Mixed Level Class.

Gentle Yoga
Unwind your mind and your body, stretch away tightness and stress with sequences and poses designed to undo the effects of the day. A class designed to unravel, decompress and elevate your spirit. You'll leave calm, grounded and pleasantly energized for your evening. Mixed Level Class.

Yoga Basics
This class is a beginner class designed as an introduction to the practice of yoga. It is slower paced and focused on developing clear and safe alignment in foundational poses. Come to learn, play, and maybe even break a sweat in a supportive environment. This class is a mild practice appropriate for true beginners, back to basics for more experienced, gentle enough for persons recovering from a minor injury or with physical limitations. This class is also appropriate during pregnancy (please bring this to the attention of the instructor BEFORE class begins). The overall pace is slow with gentle warmups and attention to proper alignment.

Kids Yoga
A fun beginning to yoga for children ages 8+. This class will introduce the disciplines of yoga such as breathing, posture and alignment, body awareness and flexibility. This class uses the poses and postures of animals and simple routines to help build a child's practice!

yoga classes

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